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CUCAS iAgent platform is the best place for agents and individuals who want to help more students around the world to study in Chinese universities. CUCAS iAgent platform offers the highest amount and most timely commission return, the latest university, course and scholarship updates and real-time students application tracking for all our agents and individuals working with CUCAS. iAgents can submit applications for their students to different Chinese universities and get commissions easily in one place.

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Anyone Can Join!

No matter you are foreign students studying in China, a teacher in your country or someone never does the business of study in China, you can easily join iAgent platform, you will have a unique invitation code arranged by our system and you can easily promote invitation code on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat in and other social media, to attract and convince more students to submit applications on CUCAS and fill in your invitation code, students will get discount by doing this. And you will earn profit.

Complete Your Tasks Fast and Easily in Spare Time

In the account of individual iAgent, you can submit inquiries for new students easily in your spare time. CUCAS counselor will send an email containing application plan, application form, and document list for your students to your email, so you can collect documents and payment from your students easily, and submit applications via email easily.

Enjoy VIP Account Privileges

Individual iAgent can upgrade iAgent account to VIP account by both paying for VIP membership or submitting a certain number of applications on CUCAS iAgent platform. VIP accounts for iAgent are divided into 3 levels, individual iAgent can enjoy privileges contains: pay application fees after getting admission, get weekly CUCAS professional supporting materials, and enjoy discounts for CUCAS services.

Get Instant Bonus and High Commission

Individual iAgent can get 10 USD reward right after you paid and submitted application, and our system supports you to settle more commission in iAgent directly after your student registered in university. We also cooperate with some universities to launch more and more special programs which have high commission to help you make more profit easily.

Provide 300+ Universities, 20,000+ Programs and 5X8 Counselor Communication Support

As a company iAgent, you can instantly make use of CUCAS’ 300+ universities and 20,000+ program resources, CUCAS also provide 5 x 8 counselor communication support to make sure you can help your students easily find the best university they want. No matter applications for self-sponsored programs or scholarship programs, iAgent system can help you easily done the process of check program and submit application, also the system enables you manage multiple applications easily.

Enjoy VIP Account Privileges

Company iAgent can upgrade iAgent account to VIP account by both pay for VIP membership or submitting a certain number of applications on CUCAS iAgent platform. VIP accounts for company iAgents are divided into 8 levels, company iAgents can enjoy privileges contains pay application fees after got admission, get weekly CUCAS professional supporting materials, enjoy discounts for CUCAS services and up to receive investment and open joint venture company in the local country.

Minimize Your Cost, Maximize Your Income

As a company iAgent, you can complete the process of applying Chinese universities and track your applications in shortest time, and accomplish the entire process from choosing universities to send your students to China effectively, which will minimize your cost. At the same time, CUCAS pay high commission and provide other favorable conditions to our partners, to maximize your income.

Help You Become No.1 Company in This Business in Your Local Area

We would like to support and help those companies who are dedicated to pursuing long-term development in this industry by providing varieties of support, to make outstanding partners become No.1 companies in their local areas.

Success Cases
Mohamed A Mhaouch

Mohamed A Mhaouch has been cooperating with CUCAS as an iAgent since 2016. He is now the CEO of CUCAS Maroc.

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Shingarirayi Moyo

Moyo from Zimbabwe has been cooperating with CUCAS since 2014, she has helped lots of students from her country to study in China.

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