CUCAS iAgent White List is established to help credible iAgents provide better service to international students, get more resources and support from CUCAS and grow their businesses. iAgents on CUCAS iAgent White List were entitled and added after they go through CUCAS' complete evaluation mechanism.

Our extra support for iAgents on CUCAS iAgent White List:

Award CUCAS iAgent Credit Rating Certificate.
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Recommend iAgent's information to CUCAS registered students from same country.
Independant page on CUCAS to display iAgent's information.
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Have a registered company and been in this industry for over 2 years.

Have sent more than 10 students on CUCAS iAgent

Have been an iAgent for over 1 year.


You can send an email to marketing@cucas.cn to start our evaluation process for you if you meet above requirements.

2019 CUCAS iAgent White List
To Be Announced

We sincerely look forward to your joining

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