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What’s CUCAS iAgent?

CUCAS iAgent platform is the best place for agents and individuals who want to help more students around the world to study in Chinese universities. CUCAS iAgent platform offers the highest amount and most timely commission return, the latest university, course and scholarship updates and real-time students application tracking for all our agents and individuals working with CUCAS. iAgents can submit applications for their students to different Chinese universities and get commissions easily in one place.

Why Choose CUCAS iAgent?

CUCAS iAgent can helps agents
  1. 1.Get Information
    1. 1.Covering details information of all 300+ universities and colleges
    2. 2.Providing accurate search on all indexes including universities, courses, scholarship programs, and long-term and short-term status
    3. 3.Customized planning: all-day instant consultancy at your demand
    4. 4.Clarifying soft and hidden criteria of admission and controlling application risk to its minimum
  2. 2.Enjoy More Scholarships
    1. 1.Enjoying exclusive CUCAS scholarships of our cooperative universities
    2. 2.Our credibility will bring you more programs with scholarships and raise your success rate on scholarship application
  3. 3.Get More Offers
    1. 1.Second review to improve application documents and raise admission chances
    2. 2.Prioritized assessment of application through CUCAS
    3. 3.Application adjustment after the first application fails
    4. 4.Result: 98% success rate
  4. 4.Save Money
    1. 1.Geting free CUCAS service including consultation, application processing & tracking, accommodation booking service
    2. 2.No extra cost to develop cooperation with universities in China
    3. 3.iAgents only need to pay application fee when submit applications, don't need to pay service fee.
  5. 5.Save Time
    1. 1. Submit your students' applications to hundreds of Chinese universities in one single platform, you don't need to check information on differetn website, submit application on different platforms, and pay on different places.
    2. 2. Timely application process updates.
    3. 3. CUCAS in-time support.
  6. 6.Get Maximum Return
    1. 1.Real time update of university commission ranking to help you choose the commission proportion at your wish
    2. 2.Get full commission that universities give to CUCAS.
    3. 3.Get commission in the shortest time, right after students finish school’s registration

Who Can be “A CUCAS iAgent”

A CUCAS iAgent can be a qualified company with rich or few experience in recommending students to study in China; Also, a CUCAS iAgent can be an individual who has or has not recommended students to Chinese schools, but in contact with foreigners who are willing to study in China.

Terms & Conditions for Agents

Part I General Policy
  1. 1.All agents’ information and related ID/Passport/Business documents must be real.
  2. 2.All students’ information and application documents must be real.
  3. 3.Agents are not allowed to submit your personal application via CUCAS iAgent.
  4. 4.CUCAS iAgents are not allowed to contact school one side.
  5. 5.Agents are not allowed to cheat students.
  6. 6.Agents are not allowed to charge students high and unreasonable service fee after getting admission package from CUCAS.
  7. 7.Any other fraud or other inappropriate behaviour bringing disrepute to CUCAS and Chinese universities is not allowed.
  8. 8.Agents are not allowed to use CUCAS logo on their own websites. For using of CUCAS iAgent Logo, agents must abide by the following terms,1) Get CUCAS permission2) CUCAS iAgent logo can only be used in the introduction part of yourself or your company.3) Reasonable introduction to CUCAS iAgent when using its Logo, e.g. indicating yourself or your company as CUCAS partner is reasonable.4) Get your website reviewed by CUCAS before presenting to public.For any illegal using of CUCAS logo and CUCAS iAgent logo without permission, CUCAS will resort to law.
  9. 9.Agents should pay the DHL fee $30 for one-time offer delivery.(Delivery in China is free.)
  10. 10.Agents’ score graded by shool shall not be less than 3 stars.

Note: Violate any of the above terms, your CUCAS e-wallet will be frozen, zyour account ID will be blocked by CUCAS, and you will be on all Chinese school’s blacklist, thus you cannot recommend students and get commission any more.

PartⅡ Refund Policy for Application Fee

Application fee is charged by the school and it can be refunded only if the course cannot be offered by the school

Part Ⅲ Commission Policy
  1. 1. Commission is the return that agents can get from Chinese schools in the form of a certain percentage of students’ tuition.
  2. 2. For now iAgents can only get commission through bank transfer in China, Alipay, WeChat Pay for RMB or Paypal account for US dollar.
  3. 3. CUCAS will transfer the full commission to iAgent, iAgents need to bear the fee during the procedure of transfer or withdraw if any.

Commission clarification

  1. 1.Only for successfully registered & tuition payment completed students
  2. 2.No commission for scholarship students
  3. 3.No commission for your personal application

How to Become an iAgent

  1. 1. Register on iAgent platform.(As a company or individual)
  2. 2. Wait for Approval (It usually takes just one business day for you to receive email about your registration result.)

How to Submit Applications on iAgent

  1. 1. Login to your iAgent account.
  2. 2. Click "Student Application" button, then click "New Application" to search program and universities available on iAgent platform.
  3. 3. Compare "Commission Ratio Table"(You will get this file in email after your registration was approved.) and choose the best university for both you and your students.
  4. 4. Click to check entry requirements of a program and click to check list of documents the students need to provide.(For more information like fee structure, accommodation, you can check in "Program Information Table", you will also get this file in email after your registration was approved.)
  5. 5. Click Apply button to submit application online.You will fill application form, upload documents, pay application fee and submit application online.(The process usually take about 20 minutes)

How to Get Commission

  1. 1. After the student you submitted on iAgent got admission and paid all fees to the university, make sure you collect their payment receipt of tuition to the university. (Can be a picture, scan copy or PDF.)
  2. 2. Download "Commission Confirmation Form", fill it and send to
  3. 3. Receive feedback (It usually takes just one business day for you to receive feedback.) and confirm your commission amount.
  4. 4. Get Commission

CUCAS iAgent Vip Account(Beta Version)

  1. If you can send more than 10 students in one year in iAgent platform, you will enjoy application fee discount and more benefits! Learn more about CUCAS iAgent Vip Account.

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